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A field study was carried out in seven member countries (Australia, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the U.S.A.) involving many fanciers, to establish a WBO Budgerigar Colour Guide for the basic budgerigar primary colours using the Pantone Colour Chart.

Many budgerigar samples were used in those countries and it was eventually agreed that the WBO Budgerigar Colour Guide (using Pantone charts) should be as follows:

Budgerigar Colour Pantone Code Budgerigar Colour Pantone Code
Light Green 375 Skyblue 310
Dark Green 369 Cobalt 2915
Olive Green 371 Mauve 535
Grey Green 398 Grey 428
Lutino 102 Violet 2727

Note: Grey and Greygreen refer to the light shade