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At the 2011 WBO meeting held in Canberra, Australia, the delegates attending discussed how best the WBO can help and assist its’ affiliated countries/societies who do not have their own Judges’ Training Scheme, by setting out the criteria for their members to qualify and become judges.

There are many countries that have established Judges’ Training Schemes and set criteria for qualification to become a judge. However, there are also a few countries that do not have any scheme. The WBO may assist in setting up criteria for such affiliated countries/societies who do not have any scheme in place for their members to progress to become judges in their own countries, and suggested the following criteria:

  • 5 years minimum breeder of budgerigars

  • Test approved by WBO

  • Test through management of WBO

  • 5 years judge in national organisation before applying to be placed on the WBO Judges Panel

The WBO is willing to help any affiliated society that has no Judges’ Training Scheme of its own. If any country/society wishes to promote fanciers to become judges using the above criteria; please contact the WBO secretary. Any candidate who passes the Judges Test will become a qualified judge of that affiliated country/society but not a WBO judge until completion of the 5 years period as a national judge.

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