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International Judges Panel

A WBO International Judges Panel was created in 1996 and to be eligible for inclusion on this Panel (updated regularly) a judge must meet the following criteria:

a.       be a current champion breeder and exhibitor of Budgerigars in their own country. Where a country/society has only “one” Status of Exhibitor, a breeder and exhibitor of long standing will be acceptable subject to “b” & “c” below.

b.       be a fully qualified judge for a minimum of 5-years in their own country or in the country/society in which they qualified.

c.       apply in writing to their National Society (or the society in which they qualified) to be placed on the list. The National Society will then be responsible for checking their qualifications and, if eligible, for passing names, addresses and telephone numbers to the WBO Secretary for inclusion on the list.

It was also agreed that member countries should consider inviting judges from other countries who are members of the International Judges Panel, as approved by the WBO, to judge at shows that are under their jurisdiction. However, when a member country/society decides to invite a Judge from another country to their National Show, where the WBO Rosettes are awarded, they SHOULD only use a judge who is on the approved WBO International Judges list.

A full address detail of the WBO International Judges List is available from the Secretary on request as we are unable to include addresses because of the Data Protection Act. However, names and telephone numbers can be found on the WBO website.

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