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This year will go down as an important year in the history of both the Danish (D.U.K.) and the German (D.S.V.) societies. They both have an important celebration: it was the DUK 75th Anniversary where they organised a weekend function during March with speakers, dinner/dance and AGM. The DSV are celebrating their Golden Jubilee Anniversary during October and they have invited the WBO to hold its annual meeting during the weekend of their annual show.

Next year it will be the turn of the B.S. of New Zealand to celebrate their 75th Anniversary and on behalf of the Executive Committee we wish the three societies and their members our warmest congratulations for reaching such an important milestone in their history.

Some news of the WBO for fanciers all over the World to know about are:

Future Meetings

The next WBO meeting will be held at 14.00 hrs on Friday 3rd October in Mönchengladbach, Germany. The meeting and the hotel headquarters will be:

Name: Hotel Spickhofen
Address: Dahlener Straße 88-92, 41239
Mönchengladbach, Germany.

Future meetings are already planned for 16th October 2009 in Piacenza, Italy by the invitation of Club AMICI to coincide with their Specialist show during that weekend; and the 2010 meeting will be held in Portugal in Póvoa de Varzim near Porto on 29th October. Porto has an International airport and again the society SPO will be staging their International show during that period.

WBO Proposed Pictorial Ideal

The WBO has reached a milestone in its short history, since its formation in 1994, by eventually having its own Pictorial Ideal as of 1st June 2008. Since the completion of its own Colour Standards in 2001 the organisation turned its attention to producing its own model. The WBO wanted to have something different from its affiliated societies and decided to go down the path of producing a 3-dimensional model but after 2 failed attempts with models produced in Denmark and Switzerland the attention was steered towards a 2-dimensional painting.

The organisation eventually invited the well-known breeder, exhibitor and judge, Roy Aplin, to draw a Pictorial Ideal for the WBO. Roy, with his skill as an accomplished international artist as well as a successful breeder, depicted a painting in side, three quarter turned and head on views representative of the best features currently seen on budgerigars throughout the World. Roy looked at pictures of winning birds with excessive features but the aim was not to take the largest, deepest, widest, longest of each feature and produce a monster, but to use the information to produce an ideal that acknowledged the improvement in the main features of exhibition budgerigars whilst putting them into proportion with each other.

After several redraws the first painting was submitted to the affiliated societies in 2007. Many positive suggestions came back from the affiliated societies and a final version was resubmitted in March 2008, taking into account many of the comments that were passed by many of the affiliated societies previously.

I am pleased to report that the feedback was great and the results of the votes with all 31 societies with a total voting power of 62 votes cast their vote. The results are as follows:

26 societies with a total vote of 50 were for the new proposed Ideal (80.6% of the vote)

4 societies with a total vote of 11 were against the new proposed Ideal

1 society with 1 vote did not vote as the painting arrived too late for their AGM

On behalf of the WBO we extend our sincere thanks to Roy Aplin for producing such a wonderful painting and now we have a World Pictorial Ideal.

Rule Change

Affiliated societies were also asked to vote on a Rule Change (Rule 4.iii) which affects representation at WBO meetings by allowing non-resident members of the society to attend meetings on their behalf. The results are as follows:

10 societies with a total vote of 22 were for the proposed Rule Change (35.5%)

20 societies with a total vote of 38 were against the proposed Rule Change (61.3%)

1 society with 2 votes did not cast their vote

The proposal did not manage to attract the 65% majority vote (only 35.5% voted in favour of it). Therefore, according to our Constitution (7.iv), this means that the current rule (4.iii) will stand.

Ring Specification, Colour Code and Sequence

After negotiation with the World Organisation, the Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale (C.O.M.) to increase the Ring Colour cycle from a 5-years to a 6-years cycle, I am very pleased to report that as from 2009 the Ring Colour cycle has now been increased to a 6-year cycle commencing with our original colour “violet” for 2009. The ring specification and colour sequence is listed below:

Minimum internal diameter 4.20 mm
Maximum internal diameter 4.40 mm
Wall thickness 0.60 – 0.90 mm
Ring height 3.85 – 4.00 mm


Colour Pantone Code RAL Code Year Year
Violet 249 U 4008 2009 2015
Orange 1505 U 2003 2010 2016
Dark Blue 301 U 5019 2011 2017
Red 1797 U 3002 2012 2018
Black 2U2X 8005 2013 2019
Pastel Green 344 U (closest) 6019 2014 2020

Member societies are strongly reminded that when ordering rings from any ring manufacturer to specify the exact WBO ring colour and the Pantone Code as well as the ring specification to avoid any misunderstanding by ring manufacturers.


The WBO currently enjoys membership from 31 affiliated societies that are spread over 6 continents in 25 countries. They are:

           Asia: Japan, Pakistan, Philippines

           Australasia: Australia, New Zealand

           Africa: South Africa

           Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eire, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Slovensko, Sweden, Switzerland

           North America: Canada, United States of America

           South America: Argentina, Brazil

International Judges Panel

A list of current judges who are on the WBO International Judges Panel is on the website and full addresses of each judge can be obtained from the secretary. The conditions relating to admittance to the WBO Judges Panel are as follows:

a.          to be a current champion breeder and exhibitor of Budgerigars in their own country. Where a country/society has only “one” Status of Exhibitor, a breeder and exhibitor of long standing will be acceptable subject to “b” & “c” below.

b.          be a fully qualified judge for a minimum of 5-years in their own country or in the country/society in which they qualified.

c.          apply in writing to their National Society (or the society in which they qualified) to be placed on the list. The National Society will then be responsible for checking their qualifications and, if eligible, for passing names, addresses and telephone numbers to the WBO Secretary for inclusion on the list.

The WBO recommend that member countries should consider inviting judges from overseas who are members of the International Judges Panel, as approved by the WBO, to judge at shows that are under their jurisdiction. A full WBO International Judges List is available from the Secretary on request.

Standardisation of Colours

The WBO has an A5 coloured card with the agreed Budgerigar Colour Guide depicting the 10 primary budgerigar colours using the Pantone Colour Codes. The cards used are of 250 mg/m² card print. The colours are only there as a guide with the understanding that the colours for the grey and grey green are those for the light factor.

Should any society wish to purchase these cards in quantity they can do so at a cost of €0.50 (euro) each + postage (minimum order is 10) from Gerd Bleicher at his home address: (Scramberger Str. 41, D-13467 Berlin, Germany. Tel: +49 30 40 44251, email: gerd.bleicher@dsv-ev.de).

WBO Rosettes

Each member country/society receive each year four WBO rosettes, as part of their affiliation, for Best Any Age, Best Any Age Opposite Sex, Best Young Bird & Best Young Bird Opposite Sex in Show. Names of winners and photos of the winning birds are then included on each year’s Rosette Winners file. Please visit the website for current & previous winners.

WBO Executive Committee (E.C.)

An Executive Committee was created in 2004 to run the affairs of the WBO between Council meetings. The E.C. consists of Chairman Gerd Bleicher (Germany), Secretary Ghalib Al-Nasser (U.K.), Vice-Chairman Carl Slavin (Canada) and Immediate Past Chairman Roger Carr (U.K.).

WBO Publicity and the website

The WBO website is kept updated on a regular basis with many files of interest such as research articles, Colour Standards, Scale of Points, details of member organisations, ring specification etc. Photos of past WBO rosette winners around the World are also included on the website (click on each photo to enlarge it).

For further comments on any of the above items please do not hesitate to contact me and please keep visiting the WBO website for regular updates.

Ghalib Al-Nasser