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World Championship Show

At the 2010 WBO meeting held in Portugal the concept of the WBO World Championship Show was born and the foundation and guidelines were laid at the 2011 meeting held in Australia. At the 25th Anniversary meeting held in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2019 those guidelines for such a show were updated as follows:


  1. To coincide with the WBO Annual Delegates Meeting with venue and date to be decided by the WBO meeting upon the received invitation of a member society.
  1. To be organised with a WBO formulated standard classification.
  1. To follow the WBO guidelines on showing and judging including WBO Standard.
  1. To be judged by judges on the approved WBO International Judges Panel with consideration to as wide a geographical spread as possible and approved by the WBO Executive Committee.
  1. To be awarded special and prestigious WBO patronage.
  1. To accept participation of birds and exhibitors from all WBO affiliated societies only.
  1. To accept the collaboration of the foreign delegates in the different tasks of the show organisation (feeding/watering of birds, stewarding etc ...).
  1. To provide free admission to the show for the WBO Executive Committee and all WBO delegates participating at the meeting.
  1. To accept the appointed WBO World Show Liaison Officer who will assist in marketing the show worldwide and to liaise with member countries and investigate the import and export legislation and rules for the host country relating to bird transportation and other related matters of birds transportation and other related matters.
  1. To allow the WBO Judges Test to take place at the show.

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